Bizlink Newsletter July 2017

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Bizlink Newsletter July 2017

One of the biggest benefits of offering free Wi-Fi is that it increases the time spent on premises. Consumers tend to stay longer if they can use their tablets and laptops via Wi-Fi. Of the businesses surveyed, almost 62 percent said that customers spent more time in their shop or facility once Wi-Fi was introduced.

Around 50% said customers spent more money. And if you’re wondering how many implied that customers were just hanging around, taking up space and spending less (every business owner’s fear), the answer is only a tiny number of business owners said customers spent less when free Wi-Fi was available.

Different business owners have different goals for providing free Wi-Fi to customers. Some do it in order to provide better customer service (and attract those 5-star online reviews!). Some do it to bring more customers in the door. Some deploy free Wi-Fi to get customers to buy more.

The ones who deployed it to serve customers better reported the highest success rates, at a whopping 79 percent. After that, the ones who offered free Wi-Fi to improve sales numbers had the next highest rate of success (72%). Increasing foot traffic in the door rated the third highest success at 69%.

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